15 min. 2017, JAPAN (recorded in Japan)
Directed, recorded and produced by Takayuki Yoshida

There is a white large round stone in the green garden somewhere in Japan
- an abstract sculpture made from a marble stone that children love to climb
and play on. The film is organized by four long shots by same composition
and angle as an attempt to expresses the repetition and circularity of the
time. It was also made in order to investigate the possibility of aesthetic
coexistence between cinema and other arts as was discussed by a film critic
André Bazin.

Re˛issöör Takayuki Yoshida
Ühes Jaapani aias lebab suur marmorist kivi, mis meelitab lapsi enda otsa
ronima. Film koosneb neljast ümber kadreerimata episoodist, mis kujutavad
aja ringkäiku ning erinevate kunstiliikide, antud juhul filmikunsti ja skulpuuri
koosmõju, nii nagu sellest kõneles filmikriitik André Bazin.