Directed by Jaanis Valk

On a sunny day in November 1938 a magnificent white schooner set sail
from Greenwich. Among other passengers there is also a young Estonian
Captain Ahto Valter, his Scottish-American wife and their 1,5 year old son
Teddy. With a crew of adventurers chosen from 5,000 applicants, the vessel
starts a memorable voyage around the world, flying under the Estonian flag.
After arriving from a long trip back to America, Ahto finds out that the world
he left behind is no longer the same.
This colorful journey unfolds thanks to participant’s diaries and unique
footage that was shot during the trip.

Re˛issöör Jaanis Valk
Dokumentaalfilm Ahto Valterist, unistajast, seiklejast ja meremehest, kes
suundus ümbermaailmareisile omanimelisel purjelaeval. Värvikas teekond
ümber maailma avaneb tänu peategelase ja tema isa päevikutele ning
unikaalsetele filmikaadritele. Film toob vaataja silme ette ühe mehe elu,
meremeheks kasvamise loo ja maailma, millega tal tuli rinda pista.