82 min. 2016, KAZAKHSTAN/GERMANY (recorded in Kazakhstan)

Directed by Katerina Suvorova

Nearly twice as large as Switzerland, the Aral Sea was still among the four largest ones on the planet in 1960. Unfortunately, overreliance on its tributaries Amu Darya and Sry Daria for agriculture has dried it up. And yet not everybody has given up – fishermen, farmers, biologists, and even a few pirates still believe the sea can rise again. They all fight for a better tomorrow.


Režisöör Katerina Suvorova

Araali meri on tiigiks kokku kuivanud, ent seal ei kao inimtegevus: kalamehed, talunikud, bioloogid ja isegi mõned piraadid loodavad, et vesi võib veel tagasi tulla.