51 min. 2016, RUSSIA (recorded in Russia)

Directed, recorded, produced by Felix Yakubson

This video essay is a 50-minute-long guide to Russia and her ordinary and extraordinary residents that tells their daily cares, joys and sorrows. Platzkarte usually designates a reserved seat in a train carriage in addition to the passenger’s ticket. If the life of a human being is likened to a long journey, the filmmaker is concerned about the Platzkarte of everyone he talks with on the train. The camera is a magic glass capable of transforming a simple dialogue into an event, a “meeting”.


Autor Feliks Jakubson

Cinéma verité stiilis sotsiaalne tudengifilm, jäädvustatud magamisvagunis. Kaamera on kui võlusilm, mis muudab tavalised dialoogid reisijatega, kelle taust on väga erinev, tõelisteks sündmusteks.