52 min. 2016, POLAND (recorded in Russia)

Directed by Wojciech Kasperski

For the first time in the history of one of the largest psychiatric hospitals in Siberia a film crew could see the daily life behind high walls. Five doctors look after them who are mostly gray old men who have spent their best years in this obscure village, serving the next generations of patients together with nurses who live in the surrounding villages. In claustrophobic interiors we find patients with schizophrenia, serial killers, grandmothers suffering from Alzheimer’s and teens with behavioral problems - this is a shelter for all social outcasts.


Režissöör Wojciech Kasperski

Dokumentaalne portree ühe suurima Siberi psühhiaatriahaigla argipäevast. Klaustrofoobseis ruumides on skisofreeniahaiged, sarimõrvarid, Alzheimeri tõvega vanaemad ja käitumishäiretega teismelised – see on varjupaik ühiskonna heidikele.