73 min. 2016, Czech Republic (recorded in Japan, France, Swiss, Czech Republic)

Directed by Andrea Culková

H*ART ON dives off the deep end of modern art. A film about the yearning to create, to mould everyday emotions into a meaningful life and, most of all, to live beyond one’s death. A struggle that gets to the existential core of each of us… H*ART ON invites you to actively participate in the making of meaning, so that themes of the film and the experience of watching it becomes one and the same.


Autor Andrea Culková

Vaade moodsa kunsti põhjatusse kaevu. Uue kunsti kiiresti vahelduvate voolude ja väga erineva keerukusastmega teoste mõistmiseks tuleb kõigepealt sukelduda kunstnike hinge. Üheks selliseks on Teplitz’is elav Stanislav Müller, maailmakuulus Peeglimees.