68 min. 2016, FRANCE (recorded in Italy)

Directed by Karine De Villers, Mario Brenta

A nice hotel near the Po Delta was turned into a home for African immigrants. They spend their time with the owner of hotel and his family. Life here is like in paradise. In exchange for room and board the State provides the hotel with 30 euros per day for each refugee. This has allowed the hotel to get open once again!


Režissöörid Karine De Villers, Mario Brenta

Aafrikast sisserännanud on end sisse seadnud ühes kaunis Itaalia hotellis, otse Po jõe suudmes. Külalised veedavad aega hotelli omaniku perekonnaga, elu on siin kui paradiisis. Peremees on õnnelik, sest riik maksab iga immigrandi eest 30 eurot päevas, mis võimaldas tühjaks jäänud hotelli uuesti avada.