23 min. 2016, CANADA (recorded in Thailand and Burma)

Directed, shot, edited by Molly Willows

A lyrical doc featuring a captivating community of indigenous stateless Moken Sea nomads who live off the coast of Burma and Thailand. The vibrant community fully survived the Boxing Day Tsunami. The poetic doc explores a disappearing aquatic lifestyle and shifting spirituality largely due to Christian missionaries who arrived to ‘save’ the Mokens after the fatal wave.


Autor Molly Willows

Lüüriline dokk mokeni rahvast, kes elas üle 2004. aastal piirkonda tabanud tsunaami. Parema tuleviku nimel pööravad nad uude usku: mokenid loodavad, et ristiusk aitab neil äraarvamatus looduses ellu jääda.