25 min. 2016, SWITZERLAND (recorded in Benin, West-Africa)

Directed, shot, produced by Jan Baumgartner

« Alafia - Health »: This is what many of the patients in the Saint Jean de Dieu Hospital wish to each other. Located in the north of Benin, in the city of Tanguieta, people from different religions, cultures and ethnic groups meet and share the same need for medical support. A very realistic picture of today’s situation of healthcare in Africa.


Autor Jan Baumgartner

«Alafia!» soovivad patsiendid üksteisele ühes tüüpilises Benini haiglas. Dokk, mis maalib tõetruu ja samas väga inimliku pildi meditsiinikorraldusest 21. sajandi Aafrikas.