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The 25th international nude art exhibition

June 3 - September 2, 2018

The nude art exhibition of the Summer Capital Pärnu is on for 25th time already.

The Republics of Finland, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and Latvia are four times as old as the exhibition. That is why we have formed the core of the exhibition of artworks by artists from these five East-European countries.
A republic is a voluntary association of liberal people nobody is forbidden to leave, voluntarily, and even to the Heaven. We are sad and sorry for Laur Tiidemann and Nadežda Tšernobai as the Republic of Estonia did not suit them as a home for creation, so they chose death. They are no longer with us as humans but they live on as artists. So, the cadence of our exhibition are the sculpture by Tiidemann, the Mermaid and Nadja’s The Last Altar. It is not at random that we have here the Lithuanian artist Vilmantas Marcinkevicius with his Kiss of Judas, Jüri Arraks’s Our Nourisher and „Exit from Paradise“ – the canvas painted on the opening day of the exhibition by a Dutch painter Peter Diem. These as well as many other artworks refer to an enormous shortage in human relationships throughout the world. The wolf has been elected to be our national animal, but about the principal – a wolf won’t kill another wolf (lupus non mordet lupum) – people have yet a lot to learn.

The two first halls of MAN AND WOMAN 2018 are dedicated to present a part of the collection of the Museum of New Art. The ardent representative of Art Brut, Airvar Kurvits from Pärnu has painted his Adam and Eve in the studio on the third floor of this very building. All the large paintings of Peter Diem are born in Pärnu, under the roof of the Museum of New Art. The artworks bought or donated to our collection can be recognised by a green mark at the label.

Participants on the exhibition:
Elina Brotherus (Finland)
Viggo Wallensköld (Finland)
Vilmantas Marcinkevicius (Lituania)
Romualdas Pozherskis (Lituania)
Anda Magone (Latvia)
Malgorzata Chodakowska (Poland / Germany)
William Farges (France)
Peter Diem (The Netherlands)
Jüri Arrak, Jaan Toomik, Johanna Mudist, Vano Allsalu ,Terje Talts, Enn Tegova, Sirje Petersen, Andrus Joonas, Nadezhda Tshernobai (1985-2015),  Laur Tiidemann (1974-2001) (Estonia) etc.

More representatives in the collection of the Museum of New Art: Corneille, Kalev Mark Kostabi, Jan and Sarah Saudek, Peeter Mudist, Evald Okas, Jose Mario Ansalone, Mark Sadan, Mauno Keränen, Aivar Kurvits, etc.

Enjoy and ponder over the messages of the artists in their hearts as well as in their masterpieces.
Have a nice summer 2018!

Mark Soosaar,

The exhibition is supported by the Town of Pärnu, Estonian Cultural Endowment, French Institute in Estonia, Tallink.

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