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Painting by Peter Diem

XXVI Nude Art Exhibition


10 June – 1 September, 2019


Naked Hemingway came to Pärnu thanks to his friend, American artist Waldo Peirce, who photographed the writer while fishing in the years 1929 - 35 on the Gulf of Mexico and the Carribean. Waldo Peirce (1884 - 1970) left the photos of the Nobel Prize laureate, the author of The Old Man and the Sea, Ernest Hemingway (1899 - 1961), to his son Michael Peirce who gave them to a Dutch artist Peter Diem. Consequently, Peter Diem’s nude paintings, in the Latin-American vivid palette, of Hemingway are here, at the nude art exhibition MAN, WOMAN, FREEDOM. In July the great writer will have an anniversary of 120. We are not sure if anyone has lived that long but Hemingway’s heritage and his spirit are still with us.

In the Summer Capital of Pärnu there are other rarities to be seen until September, 1st. A copy of the painting Kalevs Fighting the Bear by August Jansen, Estonian classic. The painting has only been once before shown at the personal exhibition of Jansen and Nyman at the Art Museum of Tartu. August Jansen (1881 - 1957) painted this national romantic artwork in 1929 for Riigikogu (the Parliament of Estonia) but watching out for the bears on the other coast of Lake Peipsi, it was not exposed there before WW II, nor after, nor today.

There is a lot to discover at the 26th international nude art exhibition. Kaupo Kikkas’s (Estonia) nude photos of the last member of mankind in the canyons of South America; Ruta Jusionyte’s (Lithuania) paintings about love between human and a bear. Jaan Toomik’s (Estonia) fantasy of Ulysses coming home; fresh artworks by Mikelis Fišers’s (Latvia) renowned at the Biennale of Venice, and Kris Lemsalu(Estonia).


XXVI nude art exhibition Man, Woman, Freedom takes us through artworks about contradictions in the liberal world of today, between the beauty of human body and soul by new performers as well as seniority.
From Estonia: Jüri Arrak, Jaan Toomik, Kris Lemsalu, Kaupo Kikkas, Peeter Allik, August Jansen, Mati Hiis, Peeter Must, Andrus Joonas, Enn Tegova, Aivar Kurvits, Nadja Tshernobai, Erki Kannus, Kairi Orgusaar, Priit Pangsepp, Üllar Varik, Rein Meresaar, Elo Liiv, Yan (Jaanus Ermann). Guests from abroad: Mikelis Fišers (Latvia), Ruta Jusionyte  (Lithuania), Sergei Isupov (Urkaine / USA), Waldo Peirce (USA), Peter Diem (Holland), Björn Scütze ja Gunnar Kretscmer(Germany), Michalis Manousakis (Greece).

The XXVI international nude art exhibition Man, Woman, Freedom is open in Pärnu until September, 1st, 2019

Everyone, loving creativity and friendly exchange of views on the coast of the Baltic Sea, is welcome!

Mark Soosaar,
Curator of the XXVI nude art exhibition MAN, WOMAN, FREEDOM

The exhibition is supported by the Town of Pärnu, Estonian Cultural Endowment, Art Museum of Tartu, Studio Raus.



Photos by Kaupo Kikkas

June 10 - September 1, 2019

Expanses of clouds and fields of snow, wooden crosses and fir groves. And mountains, mountains, mountains. The name on the book cover was Ansel Adams; the coated paper was smooth beneath my fingers. I was fascinated by a sentence I still roughly recall: Grey tones in photography are like piano keys in music: they are the same to everyone, but only few can make them ring.

Our paths kept crossing until I could no longer ignore his call. I stepped in Adams’ footsteps for the first time in America eight years ago. The trip started out as an homage to the master and his beloved landscapes. However, longing to go back again and again, searching for something, not really knowing what it was, and moving forward from where Adams had left off, my own personal journey began.

What do canyons and the desert do to a person whose eyes are used to the forest? I had entered the endless cathedral of nature. I was inspired on my journey by Arvo Pärt, a very important composer to me. How his music might look – in trees, sand, and rock – crystallised in my mind. The tightened silence between his sounds also brought silence in my works.

My “Ansel” is the 500 million-year-old landscape. It was here before the arrival of man. It will remain after the last of us is gone.

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